TJ Morris ACIR – TJ Morris Agency

Working on how to share my life and work. TJ Morris Agency

TJ Morris Agency

ACIR – Alien Command InvestigatorsResearch UFO Association

TJ Morris dba ACIR.TJ Morris 16

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris began ET Seminars, Cosmos Radio, Ascension Center, Alien Contact, ACIR, Allied Command Intergalactic Research, 

ACE Metaphysical InstituteRed-Heart-Spiritual-Connection-to-ACETJ Morris ATlantis Oracle

TJ Morris Entertainment Agency TJ Morris

Theresa J Morris 12

Artistic Metaphysician Inventors Group

TJ Morris ET UFO 1

ACE Folklife Society Art-Culture-Education

Theresa J Morris


TJ Morris Agency


TJ Morris dba ACIR

Member BMI

Broadcast Music – TJ Thurmond Morris

260 Carolyn Lane, Beaver Dam, KY 42320

(270) 274-6707

ACE Designers

Designers are also obsessed with clear communication.

They observe and obsess over misunderstandings, mistranslations, misappropriations, and missed connections, looking for possible solutions, especially when language doesn’t feel sufficient. Coupled with this is usually a restless desire for order to fix things. Very helpful when it comes to organizing.

ACE Designers have a need for completing things, revealing relationships, and simplifying complicated things.

We know now that students in life who enjoy the more verbal, conceptual, and…

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