Alien People Public & Secret

TJ Morris ET Radio is back with a twist on reality was secret!

A woman small business owner who has had a life of extraterrestrial visitations.
See her books by TJ Thurmond Morris or Theresa J Morris

Living a life in secret because this was what her family and government told her to do was how she spent the years 1951 through 2007.

Then her mother was encouraging her to own her own publishing company and to learn to write electronic books or Ebooks as this was the wave of the future!

Her mother died May 4 2011 and her father died Dec. 9, 2011 which was an odd thing since both were not even married or living together at the time of their deaths.

The woman was part of a Deep Learning Project in the A.I. vs. A.B. movement we call Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Biologicals with the cyborg movement.

Some call these aliens.

Now there is a new show coming to TV called PEOPLE OF EARTH on tbs.

We know that the Alien Contact Organization ACO and now is promoted on the TJ Morris ET Radio Network of Radio Shows recorded LIVE then ACRCHIVED on and on at